ESG⁺:Strategy and Branding

Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) strategy has become an integral part of every business’s development which can help companies to achieve long-term sustainability and create value.  ESG factors are increasingly used by investors to assess the non-financial value of businesses and identify ESG-related risks and opportunities in making their investment decisions. Strong ESG practices can help companies proactively meet the evolving expectations of customers and investors, stay resilient by getting ready for emerging ESG challenges and opportunities and maintain robust governance and risk management.


Drawing on our deep expertise in sustainability and ESG value creation, AVISTA offers a wide range of ESG advisory services to support our clients at various stages of sustainable development. AVISTA is proud to help our clients understand and take their next steps to progress along their ESG journey.



Our Services

Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap Formulation

AVISTA helps our clients define short-, mid- and long-term sustainability strategies and tailor feasible and highly targeted roadmaps that align with their corporate vision and values. This enables companies to create long-term value and achieve sustainable development ambitions through holistic ESG integration.


UNSDG Alignment

AVISTA helps our clients align their business strategy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“UNSDG”s), ensuring wider sustainability issues are incorporated into their sustainability strategy, corporate culture, and operations across all levels to unlock ESG potential within the company.


ESG Enhancement

AVISTA helps our clients respond to the changing ESG landscape, understand their ESG performance and identify areas for improvement in corporate practices to accelerate their sustainability journey. AVISTA assists in incorporating ESG considerations into client’s products, services and branding, which enable clients to further differentiate their brands from competitors and build investor and consumer interest.


ESG Governance

AVISTA can assist clients to analyse the roles and responsibilities of each department. By gaining an in-depth understanding of the corporate structure and evaluating each department’s current ESG management-related functions and performance, AVISTA provides clients with comprehensive recommendations on governance structure to strengthen the feasibility and effectiveness of their ESG governance, enabling clients to enhance their ESG management.


Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality Assessment

AVISTA helps our clients identify ESG issues prioritized by stakeholders, via stakeholder engagement and materiality assessments which identify and analyze material ESG issues through in-depth discussion, enabling clients to embed vital ESG considerations into their corporate strategy, business operations and risk management.


ESG Management / Board Training

Cultivating a sustainable corporate culture is vital to sustainable business growth. Boards and management face increased pressure to demonstrate their ability to oversee ESG issues and grasp ESG opportunities amidst sustainability challenges. By providing various online and offline training workshops, AVISTA helps our clients’ management to strengthen their understanding of the connection between sustainability and financial performance, build strong leadership on managing ESG issues and increase trust among stakeholders through robust governance.


ESG Investor Communications

Growing ESG concerns are driving investors to increasingly consider a company’s ESG credentials in their investment decisions. AVISTA helps our clients communicate their ESG strategy and performance to their investors, enabling clients to demonstrate their commitment to ESG and secure investor interest and confidence. 


Our Experience

Through years of experience, we understand the difficulties and the problems faced by corporate, enabling us to provide industry-specific solutions.

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