ESG Governance Advisory

Successful integration and effective management of sustainability at a company requires committed leadership, clear direction, and strategic influence—and none of this will happen without a robust governance structure. Sustainability governance helps a company implement sustainability strategy across the business, manage goal-setting and reporting processes, strengthen relationships with external stakeholders, and ensure overall accountability.


How and where sustainability fits into the overall corporate structure can be very revealing of a company’s direction and priorities. As there is no cookie-cutter structure that can be applied, AVISTA assists your company to tailor its approach for what makes the most sense given its business model, structure, resources, and level of sustainability integration into the business. Developing sustainability governance structures may take time, but it can ensure effective management of ESG issues at your company.


We could assist company in forming a formal ESG Board Committee, cross-functional executive Sustainability Committee, sustainability teams and sustainability supporting structures, as well as preparing any necessary documents.

Our Experience

Through years of experience, we understand the difficulties and the problems faced by corporate, enabling us to provide industry-specific solutions.

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