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AVISTA iESGweb – Data Collection and Management Platform


With the growth of ESG investing, investors are becoming more sophisticated in the application of ESG information. They are looking for ESG data that can be used to develop ESG insights for their investment decision making processes. ESG data is a comprehensive set of data points that covers a variety of environmental, social and governance issues. AVISTA self-developed cloud-based platform helps companies efficiently manage sustainability performance data across companies and supply chains.


This user-friendly and customizable online platform enables company to collect, monitor and report on ESG data in a transparent, consistent and comparative manner. With the platform’s advanced analytics and robust reporting tools, company can ensure full transparency of ESG data across the entire businesses and create impactful reports for its stakeholders. It is the simplest and most secure all-in-one integrated platform for a company to generate insightful and accurate results to identify emerging issues, mitigate risk and drive improvement within the company and across the supply chain.


Key benefits of our platform include minimising manual workflow and errors in data collection process, transforming raw data into useful insights, ensuring data accuracy, reliability, completeness and traceability, ensuring compliance with Stock Exchange listing requirements, and enabling year-on-year performance analysis.



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