Sustainable Investment and Asset Management

Rapidly changing global markets, accompanied by various structural changes and risks, have prompted investors to increase their focus on Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG”) investing, a type of investment opportunity that can generate long-term returns while reducing risks. With the concept of ESG gradually becoming increasingly valued, investors are paying greater attention to the ESG impact of their investments, as well as the sustainability and ethical behavior of the companies they invest in. Investors also want their portfolios to consider issues such as climate change, diversity, human rights and corporate governance. In response, regulators are gradually introducing ESG elements into their regulatory frameworks, and fund managers are required to incorporate ESG considerations into their investment analysis as part of their fiduciary responsibilities and make relevant disclosures.


AVISTA's professional team can assist fund managers to make ESG transformations in their asset management strategies, achieve sustainable investment and asset management, and meet the needs of different stakeholders.



Our Services:

ESG-Integrated Investment Approach Development

AVISTA improves the non-financial performance of investment portfolios by assisting fund managers to integrate ESG topics into the investment decision-making and evaluation process, including assisting in the formulation of active engagement policies, responsible management policies and promoting proxy voting, as well as make relevant disclosures required by different regulators.


ESG Due Diligence

AVISTA assists fund managers to establish ESG due diligence checklists, screen investment opportunities and identify companies with comparatively strong ESG management to promote the sustainable development of investment portfolios. We can also assist in establishing ESG KPIs for funds and conduct ongoing assessment of the investment portfolio to ensure that its performance is consistent with the fund's sustainable investment philosophy.


Portfolio Carbon Footprint Calculation

AVISTA helps funds collect environmental data on their investment portfolios through our self-developed αvista cloud platform. By combining artificial intelligence (“AI”) advanced technology with professional knowledge, αvista is also able to perform AI-facilitated data integration, analysis and calculation of portfolio carbon footprints, supporting fund managers in measuring the environmental impact of their portfolios and their exposure to climate-related risks. For more information on αvista, please visit the ESG Analytics page.


Climate-related Risk Assessment and Scenario Analysis for Asset Managers

AVISTA assists fund managers with climate-related risk assessments, identification of physical and transition risks in their portfolios, as well as the development of responses to key risks. Through scenario analysis, we can help fund managers to further assess the risks and opportunities associated with climate change under different climate scenarios.



Our Experience

Through years of experience, we understand the difficulties and the problems faced by corporate, enabling us to provide industry-specific solutions.

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