ESG Reporting

ESG Report is a very important transparency and communication tool that captures and discloses the organization’s entire sustainability strategy, from development and implementation to integration and assessment. It is of critical importance that via the sustainability report, the organization can measure and report on its economic, social and environmental performance. AVISTA has extensive experience in developing sustainability reporting in a wide range of sectors with a proven track record. We plan, develop and compilate a complete report including providing custom-designed data templates, statistical analysis and preparation of charts and tables. We also offer a special reporting package for newly listed companies to help them start their reporting journey in a simple and easy manner.


Services we provide encompass assisting the company in setting up an internal ESG Reporting working group, discussing with the working group to understand the current status of ESG performance, determining the scope of the report, information collection and data analysis, compiling the contents of ESG report based on the provided information, translation services, overall layout and design concept, as well as reviewing printer proofs until report sign-off.

Our Experience

Through years of experience, we understand the difficulties and the problems faced by corporate, enabling us to provide industry-specific solutions.

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