ESG Data Analytics

Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) performance has received increased attention from capital markets in recent years, with investors attaching great value to the application of ESG information. These phenomena have given rise to strong demands for ESG data for analytical purposes in the investment decision-making process.




αvista, developed by AVISTA, is a one-stop intelligent ESG information cloud management platform. It integrates artificial intelligence ("AI") advanced technology and professional knowledge to make ESG disclosures simple, accurate, safe, reliable and cost-effective.


αvista fully assists clients in addressing increasingly stringent compliance requirements and moving towards a sustainable future. By fully meeting the expectations of the capital market and reporting achievements regularly, clients will be able to gain the favor of investors.



αvista Cloud Platform’s Capabilities


Simple and User-friendly Interface Design 


αvista is simple and user-friendly, with smooth interface navigation and tutorials, support for multiple languages, multi-user simultaneous login and rights management, enabling high-quality user experience and effectively helping enterprises to manage data and report disclosures more easily and flexibly.



Reliable Network Security System 


Corporate data is saved to the cloud database synchronously. By combining a reliable network security system with multiple protections to safeguard corporate data, the internal database is made safe and reliable.



AI-driven Calculation and Verification


After the information is uploaded, AI-driven calculations of data and performance indicators are performed. By leveraging efficient AI technology, large amounts of data can be quickly integrated. Intelligent data verification functions enable real-time identification of abnormal data, greatly improving data accuracy and credibility.



Data Visualization


The automatically generated data dashboard visualizes the data, converting complex information into easy-to-understand charts, providing comprehensive insight into the company’s overall ESG performance and progress.



Business Intelligence Analysis


Business intelligence analysis enables the identification and development of improvement plans as well as macro-analysis of ESG performance, helping clients optimize strategies in a timely manner to address challenges, seize opportunities and become an industry leader.



One-click Report Export


Companies can export key indicators and reports with just one click. AI technology integration helps enterprises to respond to various investor and regulatory requirements easily, intelligently customizing data disclosure and report content according to different international reporting frameworks.



Real-time Monitoring


The platform allows companies to simultaneously track the ESG performance of each business segment in real time and monitor the progress of ESG goals and targets anytime and anywhere, enabling one-stop management and evaluation of implementation results, supporting enterprises in achieving their sustainability goals.



Third-party Assurance


The platform supports document uploads of different formats, enabling seamless connections with external business partners and full preparation for applications for independent verifications and third-party certifications.



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