AVISTA iESGweb Platform is officially launched!

Are you prepared for the new ESG reporting requirements of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ("HKEx"), which is effective for financial years commencing on or after 1 July 2020? With the heightened regulatory, ESG data is facing an increased scrutiny from regulators and investors.


AVISTA has developed and launched a one-stop ESG reporting solution called iESGweb which supports issuers to collect, process and store their robust ESG data effortlessly, while also safeguarding the data quality.


The Key Benefits of iESGweb 


Team Collaboration: stay productive no matter where the teams are and access to data anytime


Expand Visibility: Centralized database keeps the management of files under organizational control


Advanced Analytics: Safeguard data quality by comprehensive data validity checks


Secured Data Storage: Data is stored on cloud-based system with high confidentiality and security


Software as a service (SaaS): Cost-effective and ready-to-use data repository supports seamless updates while zero infrastructure is needed


Compliance Solution: Support for ESG Reporting Guide in the Listing Rules of HKEX and help you meet your compliance obligations


Learn more by clicking the link below.


Date: 13 Jul 2020 | Tags: ESG Reporting, Corporate Governance

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