AVISTA Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen Offices Mooncake Making Workshop

To celebrate this wonderful mid-autumn festival, AVISTA Group held a mooncake workshop last week in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen office, gathering all the staff together to make mooncakes.

Participating in every step of mooncake making, from preparing the skin and filling, to wrapping, pressing and baking, everyone used their imagination to create various shaped and colored mooncakes, which demonstrated extraordinary craftsmanship and surprises.

Certainly we could not miss another feature of the Mid-Autumn Festival —— lanterns. Groups of colleagues were discussing the riddles while some of them were using the recycled paper to made various lanterns and promoted environmental awareness at the same time.

A variety of mini games were prepared in different offices for everyone to participate. It was a high time for our employees to release the stress from work and to foster the cohesion between our team.

Lastly, they were ecstatic with the event and the festive joy and love have been spread to more people by sharing the mooncake with their families and friends.



Date: 15 Sept 2022

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