Corporate Governance (CG) Review

In recent years, more and more concerns over the corporate governance of companies, especially listed companies, are raised. Besides, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (“HKEx”) has introduced the Corporate Governance Code and Corporate Governance Report (the “Code”), which set out the principles of good governance, and two levels of recommendations: (a) code provisions; and (b) recommended best practices. The listed companies must meet certain requirements to comply with the Code or disclose considered reasons for its deviation. To assist companies to maintain sound corporate governance, in order to sustain and enhance their competitiveness and corporate image in the market, AVISTA could provide the following review services:


CG Code Compliance Review


It is important for the listed companies to incorporate corporate governance into its management structure and internal control policies and procedures. We, therefore, provide advice to the listed company to establish sustainable and effective corporate governance structure and internal control procedures through performing regular reviews. It would help the listed company to standardize and enhance effectiveness in operational management, and ensure full compliance with the Code.


CG Report Disclosure Review


According to the Listing Rules of the HKEx, listed companies must include a Corporate Governance Report, which contains all the information set out in the Code in its annual report. Any failure to do so will be regarded as a breach of the Listing Rules. To prevent breaches, we could conduct a disclosure review on compliance with the mandatory corporate governance disclosure requirements under the Companies Ordinance and the Listing Rules for the Corporate Governance Report, as appropriate.

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