Property Valuation for Public Disclosures – Listing / Circulars

Property Valuation

Property Valuation for Public Disclosures: Listing/ Circulars

Property Valuation for Public Disclosures is an important step for listed companies to disclose their property interests. According to the requirements under Chapter 5 of the Main Board and Chapter 8 of the GEM Board Listing Rules of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (“HKEx”), the applicants or issuers are required to disclose valuations of and information on property interests on the listing document or circular under certain circumstances.

Based on our extensive experience and valuation expertise in providing property valuation services for the purposes of listing and circular, our qualified surveyors are capable to assist companies to conduct property valuation for the purpose of public disclosure. Moreover, we are able to provide fair rental opinion for connected party transaction, pre-deal valuation (refer to “Pre-deal Valuation Advisory”) and property compliance report for public disclosure.

Property Valuation is one of AVISTA's core valuation services. Please check our Property Valuation session for more information.

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