Congratulations to Runhua Living Service Group Holdings Limited (2455.HK) on its Successful Listing

Runhua Living Service Group Holdings Limited (2455.HK) has been successfully listed on the Mainboard of HKSE on 17 January 2023. AVISTA Group is honored to be engaged in providing valuation services in relation to the fair value, market value and market rent for the investment properties located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, the PRC.


Runhua Living Service Group Holdings Limited operates as a comprehensive property management service provider. The Company provides property management services, property engineering development, property investment, and other services. Runhua Living Service Group Holdings Limited also offers landscape construction services.


Since their establishment, the company has been primarily focusing on the provision of their services in Shandong Province and upholding their strategy of “Shandong Focus”. Over the years, they have gradually expanded their geographic presence from Jinan to cover 15 of the 16 prefecture-level cities in Shandong Province and other cities in the PRC, such as Beijing and Shenzhen.


With long history in property management industry and have built up stable business relationship with major customers, their expertise and experience in managing hospitals and public properties allow them to strengthen their property management capabilities to cater for the customers’ high-standard requirement of specialized services. Moreover, the company is with diversified customer base encouraging them to continuously develop their property portfolio and types of services, and ultimately expands their revenue streams. Achieving operational and cost efficiency improvement through their standardized property management methodologies together with utilization of advanced information technology in their daily operations, Runhua Living Services Group Holdings Limited is empowered to have stringent quality control and high safety standard and environmental impact control to provide their customers with sustainable and high-quality services.


Congratulations again to Runhua Living Service Group Holdings Limited (2455.HK) on its successful listing. The issue price of the shares is HKD 1.70 per share, and the amount of funds raised is HKD 89.4 million.


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Date: 17 Jan 2023 | Tags: Initial Public Offering (IPO)

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