AVISTA's Visit to Children with Autism

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been on the top of AVISTA’s agenda, which guides our corporate development and contribution to society. As our business and team size grow, we always bear our social responsibilities in mind and encourage our staff giving back to society by organizing volunteering and charitable activities in the hope of helping more people in need and bringing a positive impact to the society.


Last weekend, our Shanghai office staff paid a visit to children with autism at Shanghai Xuhui District Clover Children Healthy Garden. Our staff sat for an introductory talk held by the principal about autism and worked together with the children to make beautiful art works. Although the children were quiet and timid at first, they grew to enjoy the activity and our staff’s companies.


We are glad that we could help empower autistic children, and promote understanding of autistic community and the development of an inclusive culture in the community.





Date: 16 Oct 2019

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