Top 10 Chinese Real Estate Developers by Sales Performance in 1H 2015

 Source: AVISTA Research

Compared with H1 2014, the sales performance of top 3 developers was relatively stable in H1 2015. CHINA VANKE CO., LTD. remained the first place, gaining a year-over-year increase of 9% to 110 billion RMB, followed by EVERGRANDE REAL ESTATE GROUP (87.1 billion RMB) and GREENLAND GROUP (79 billion RMB) which were in reverse order last year. Besides, CHINA RESOURCES LAND LIMITED demonstrated the largest increment of 45% among these top 10 peers, ranking the eighth in place of SHIMAO PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED. According to the relevant media analysis, this was mainly attributed to its middle-end product structure supported by the recently-launched regulatory policy and asset injection of several high-quality real estate projects.


With respect to the sales area, EVERGRANDE REAL ESTATE GROUP, CHINA VANKE CO., LTD. and COUNTRY GARDEN ranked the top three. Increasing 16% year-over-year, EVERGRANDE REAL ESTATE GROUP preserved the first place and was the only developer with a transaction area reaching more than 10 million sq.m in H1 2015. This may be primarily caused by the high sales target and active marketing strategy implemented by the group. Additionally, GREENTOWN CHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED was the only company ranking outside the top 10 in sales area, showing the characteristic of higher unit price which was in consistent with its high-end positioning strategy and excellent quality pursuit.



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