The performance of residential market in major cities for past 10 years

Source: AVISTA Research

Chinese first-tier cities performed better in the world for the past 10 years

The major cities of China have experienced a faster growth in residential property price than those in other regions for the past decade. Hong Kong has gained the largest increment (222%), which was followed by Beijing (216%), Shenzhen (178%) and Guangzhou (136%). This was mainly due to the strong economic performance of China and increasing housing demands in those metropolises. The residential price in Melbourne rose 85%, slightly higher than Singapore (78%). London, Shanghai and Sydney enjoyed the similar increase of 65% to 68%, while Tokyo has witnessed a relatively steady growth of 38% and New York has remained nearly unchanged.

 Source: AVISTA Research

Hong Kong led the growth from 2008 global financial crisis

Stimulated by an increasing investment demand from mainland and aboard, Hong Kong residential market has shown the strongest recovery compared with the price level in 2008, gaining an increase of 166%, followed by Beijing (72%), Sydney (63%), London (50%), Guangzhou and Shenzhen (48%), as well as Melbourne (41%). Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo has displayed a slightly moderate rebound, reaching 25%, 24% and 12% respectively, whereas New York was still stuck in shadow of the crisis, decreasing 2% in comparison to 2008.

  Source: AVISTA Research


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