At AVISTA, we create crucial competence our clients require to strive in this ever-changing world. A representative sample of our clients and company with which we have extensive working relationships include:

AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. (2018.HK)

Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA.US)

Artini China Co. Ltd. (789.HK)

BAIOO Family Interactive Limited (2100.HK)

Best Pacific International Holdings Limited (2111.HK)

Bolina Holding Co., Ltd (1190.HK)

Boyaa Interactive International Limited (434.HK)

CGN Mining Co Ltd (1164.HK)

China Evergrande Group (3333.HK)

China Hengshi Foundation Company limited (1197.HK)

China Shun Ke Long Holdings Limited (974.HK)

China Water Industry Group Limited (1129.HK)

China Wood Optimization Holding Limited (8099.HK)

Ctrip Travel Network Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (CTRP.US)

Denox Environmental & Technology Holdings Limited (1452.HK)

DYNAM Japan Holdings Co.,Ltd. (6889.HK)

Forgame Holdings Limited (484.HK)

Fullshare Holdings Limited (607.HK)

Haitian Hydropower International Limited (8261.HK)

Hi Sun Technology (China) Limited (818.HK)

Holly Futures Co., Ltd. (3678.HK)

Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc. (HMIN.US)

Hua Neng Power International, Inc. (902.HK)

China Huiyuan Juice Group Limited (1886.HK)

iDreamSky Technology Ltd (DSKY.US)

Li Ning Company Limited (2331.HK)

Major Holdings Limited (8209.HK)

Mindray Medical International Limited (MR.US)

Richly Field China Development Limited (313.HK)

Shanghai La Chapelle Fashion Co., Ltd. (6116.HK)

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd (2607.HK)

Shanghai Zendai Property Limited (755.HK)

Shunfeng International Clean Energy Ltd (1165.HK)

Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd. (1099 HK)

Tencent Holdings Ltd (700.HK)

Wenzhou Kangning Hospital Co., Ltd. (2120.HK)

YY Inc. (YY.US)