Economic development is based on sufficient sources of energy, including oil, gas, mining and others. We provide top-tier valuation expertise in the power sector, including in mining and renewables, with project experiences in Asia, America, Europe, etc. The dedicated professional team works closely with clients and supported by global mining and energy expertise to ensure you receive the best appraisal experience and value-added business advices.

Renewable Energy

The solar industry has been very cyclical in the past as a result of supply/demand imbalance, which is primarily driven by government subsidy policy uncertainties in major demand countries and irrational capacity expansion in China. With the decline of solar system price for utilities scale in developed countries and China, solar PV electricity is becoming more cost competitive and is reaching grid parity in many developed nations. 

With the recovery of the Solar Energy industry, both numbers and scales of merge and acquisitions increased in the industry. Our professional team is able to assist you in deal structure, pricing, strategy, valuation, etc. We also provide full scale valuation advisory services including purchase price allocation, impairment test, business valuation, fixed asset valuation, financial instrument valuation, etc. Our expert teams can help you through every stage of the renewable energy lifecycle, no matter where you sit in the value chain.


Mining companies face the economic recession, crisis awareness rapidly spread among the miners. The Top 40’s market value declined $280 billion during the year, a 23% reduction on the prior year, down to $958 billion at 31 December 2013, with gold particularly hard hit. In such tough time, professional team of Avista can help you generate a clear and systematic analysis program to assess you value or your interest to your target, with support from our global mining and energy expertise.

  • Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited (1165) on providing valuation services for a series of major transactions for considerations of more than RMB 4  billion
  • CGN Mining Co Ltd (1164) on providing valuation services on a series of acquisitions in the mining industry
  • Huaneng Power Int Inc (902) on providing valuation services on the acquisition of power stations from parent company
  • China Water Industry Group Limited (1129 HK) on providing a number of valuation services for financial reporting purpose
  • Haitian Hydropower International Ltd (8261 HK) on its initial public offering on the GEM board of the HKEX, and acquiring numbers of hydropower plant in the PRC
  • Trina Solar Limited (TSL US) on a series of acquisition across solar energy industry in China and Europe.