Medical and Life Science is one of the fastest growing industries in Asia. The robust economy and improved living standard combined with an enormous size of aging population have stimulated the development of this particular sector. 

AVISTA is experienced in the Medical and Life Science industry. Our knowledge and expertise which enhanced by our strong credentials are integral to offer outstanding business advice and other financial services to the clients. Our experiences mainly cover the following 3 sub-sectors.


The pharmaceutical industry is highly dynamic and uncertain. From researching, manufacturing, sales and distributing to retaining patents, we are dedicated to provide trusted financial advice and any related valuation tasks if needed to our clients. 

Medical Devices 

Medical devices are essential in the medical industry. From manufacturing simple thermometers to distributing sophisticate diagnostic equipment or even developing intangible patents are examples which we could offer our full range valuation and advisory services.    


Healthcare industry is very popular in recent years and has attracted many private equity

funds and other institutional investors. Our expertise includes providing reliable valuation services on both tangible and intangible assets, advising our clients in the M&A deals and IPO preparation.

  • Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding (2607 HK) on a series of acquisitions in the PRC
  • Sinopharm Holdings Co Ltd (1099 HK) for valuation service on a series of acquisitions among the medical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Mindray Medical International Holdings Ltd (MR US) on a series of acquisitions in the PRC.
  • Wenzhou Kangning Hospital (2120.HK) on pre-IPO valuations of its enterprise value and restricted shares.