The AVISTA industrial team is capable for industrial equipment and machinery valuation and even in the most advanced industries such as information technology, power and utilities, energy and resources etc. It also has specialized knowledge of industrial products in industries such as medical and life science, renewable energy, etc.

The AVISTA industrial team has experiences in a number of projects throughout the world. The target industrial products includes but not limited to the followings :cruise ships, hydroelectric power station, railways, solar power and coal power station, medical equipment manufacturer, automotive producer, textiles equipment, etc.

Our team also advise our clients on impairment test project, M&A advice, financial leasing valuation, purchase price allocation modelling, etc.

  • AAC Technologies (2018.HK) acquired a Denmark-based research company in March 2011. We have performed the price purchase allocation for the acquisition.
  • Best Pacific International Holdings Ltd (2111 HK) on its global offering and listing on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • China Wood Optimization (8099 HK) on its public offering and listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange GEM Board
  • Eagle Nice (International) Holdings Ltd (2368 HK) on a number of valuation services for financial reporting purpose. Eagle Nice is a manufacturer of sportswear and garments
  • Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd (5210 JP) on acquiring factories in the PRC. Nihon Yamamura is a glass manufacturer
  • KOKUYO Co., Ltd (7984 JP) on a number of valuation tasks for financial reporting purpose. KOKUYO is a stationery and office equipment manufacturer