A real estate project in today's economic point of view can no longer be classified as a separate item. In fact, given the advance of market reform, trade system, industrial diversification, standardization of accounting system and securitization of properties, real estate becomes a devoted part in any business.

AVISTA real estate team provides professional and independent assessment for the above-mentioned real estate appraisals. Our experiences cover various types of properties include hotels, clubs, motorway, power stations, pier terminals, shopping malls, apartments, factories, industrial parks and others . Valuation purposes range from IPO listing, mergers and acquisitions, market researches, fair rental value opinions, financial reporting and many others. 

We carried out our services across different countries including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Mongolia, Australia, Germany, United States, Canada, South Africa and so on. We also perform a number of listing related services including investment property valuation for domestic and foreign acquisitions, investment advice

for acquisition or disposal, valuation reports for IPO purpose, valuation reports for circular on substantial acquisitions or disposals and impairment test for plant, machinery and equipment.

  • Evergrande Real Estate Group (3333 HK) on acquiring a property developer in the Guangdong Province, PRC
  • Fullshare Holdings Limited (607 HK) on acquiring a major development project in the PRC
  • Richly Field China Development Ltd (313 HK) on acquiring a number of lands, outlet malls and residential projects in the PRC for a consideration of over RMB $1 billion
  • Heng Fai Enterprises Ltd (185 HK) on acquiring residential properties in a number of places such as Japan, Singapore, United States, Canada and Hong Kong
  • Shanghai Zendai Property Limited (755 HK) on appraising the then largest land transaction in the history of South Africa
  • Kai Yuan Holdings Limited (1215 HK) on a number of hotel valuation projects in Hong Kong
  • Bolina Hong Kong Co. Ltd (1190 HK) for connected and major transaction of property company
  • China Greenland Rundong Auto Group Ltd (1365 HK) for valuation of all property held by the Company
  • China Qinfa Group Ltd (866 HK) for connected and major disposal of Zhuhai Qinfa Port Co. Ltd.