Congratulations to Qingdao AInnovation Technology Group Co., Ltd. (2121.HK) on its Successful Listing

Qingdao AInnovation Technology Group Co., Ltd. has been successfully listed on the Mainboard of HKSE on 27 January 2022. AVISTA Group is honored to be engaged in providing valuation services.

Founded in 2018, AInnovation is a leading enterprise AI solutions provider in China with a mission to empower businesses with AI technology. Leveraging its research capabilities in deep learning, AInnovation has developed proprietary computer vision and machine learning AI technologies to offer full-stack AI-based products and solutions to enable businesses to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, optimize decision-making and realize intelligent transformation.

Built upon its industry insights, AInnovation focuses on developing AI technologies and delivering for manufacturing, financial services and other industries in China. According to Frost & Sullivan, in 2020, AInnovation was the third largest AI technology driven solution provider in enterprise AI solutions market in China; and the largest AI technology driven solution provider in China’s AI solution market in manufacturing industry in terms of revenue; and one of the nine companies in China with proprietary deep learning platforms, which enable it to accumulate a repertoire of AI technology assets and build an ever-growing algorithm model library.

The AI unicorn, AInnovation, is guided by four core values, namely Intelligent Production, Edge Vision Analysis, Intelligent Data Center and Intelligent Data Governance, when developing its products and solutions. Three proprietary AI platforms: ManuVision, an intelligent machine vision platform; MatrixVision, an intelligent edge video platform; and Orion, a distributed machine learning platform, have been established. Currently AInnovation is building an open architecture technology platform to attract more players in the AI industry value chain and drive cross-industry collaboration, and is planning to develop its ManuVision and MatrixVision platforms to become cloud-based with enhanced device compatibility and broader application。

Date: 27 Jan 2022 | Tags: Business Valuation

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