The more the merrier!

A huge welcome to the new joiners of the AVISTA family, and to the Shanghai’s and Beijing’s staff that visit our HK office!

In order to welcome the new joiners of our HK, SH and BJ offices, and bring the staff of different offices together, AVISTA Hong Kong was grateful to present a series of activities this summer — AVISTA summer event (BBQ), staff exchange program and new staff orientation program.

AVISTA Summer Event (BBQ)

Our AVISTA members marched to Whitehead BBQ to enjoy HK-style barbeque in front of the harbourside, and the summer heat and drizzle! It was happy to see staff across different offices socializing with each other by having small talks, playing pokers, mahjong and video games, while enjoying the fabulous grilled seafood and suckling pig.

AVISTA Staff Exchange Program

SH and BJ senior staff visited our HK office and bring some new knowledge and case experience to share professions and values with our HK’s staff.

AVISTA New Staff Orientation Program

Our new joiners in SH and BJ offices gathered together with new joiners in HK office. It was a great experience to meet our newbies all together and also to let our directors gave inspiring and insightful introductions to the culture, visions, business practices, and service scopes of AVISTA to our new joiners.